Was having friends read to me

I am 98 and have been dealing with macular degeneration for many years. I had not been able to read for some time when I went to see Dr. Metzger. The nurses where I live were having to read my mail to me and tell me what was on the calendar of activities where I live. I was so depressed and they could not find a new pair of glasses to help me. But I did find a small magnifier with video in it that helped me. Terri taught me to use “pockets” of my good vision so I could see with my new device. After a few sessions of training with Terri she helped me learn to see better and practice with the device. She also was able to come to my assisted living apartment to work with me.

I can now read mail, my calendar, and the dining hall menu. I didn’t get new glasses but that new magnifier makes me feel like I got my life back.