Vision Skills

This is what we mean when we say, “Vision is more than seeing 20/20.” Most people don’t realize that you need 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life.

Download our printable Quality-of-Life Vision Questionnaire (PDF) to see if you or your student may be a candidate for vision therapy.

We test for each of these visual skills. In our office, vision therapy treatment is recommended to develop these skills when they are absent or delayed.

  1. Eye movement control
  2. Simultaneous focus at far
  3. Sustaining focus at far
  4. Simultaneous focus at near
  5. Sustaining focus at near
  6. Simultaneous alignment at rar
  7. Sustaining alignment at far
  8. Simultaneous alignment at near
  9. Sustaining alignment at near
  10. Central vision (visual acuity)
  11. Peripheral vision
  12. Depth awareness
  13. Color perception
  14. Gross visual-motor
  15. Fine visual-motor
  16. Visual perception
  17. Visual integration