Before Your Appointment

For All Patients

  • We require 24 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. Please see our cancellation policy for more details.
  • Please bring your completed history forms and a list of current medications. Otherwise, please arrive early to fill them out.
  • If you wear glasses or contacts, please bring them with you.
  • BlueCross BlueShield and Medicare patients need to bring their insurance and Supplement cards.
  • If we don’t participate in your insurance policy, please be prepared to pay for services on the date of your appointment. We are happy to help you self submit a claim. Please ask us for assistance.

Vision Therapy Patients

  • If you are bringing your child for testing, please be prepared to stay and observe. A separate report consultation will be scheduled on a separate date at the end of the evaluation.
  • Adult patients typically have testing and the results on the day of the appointment.

Neuro-Optometry Patients

  • Please make sure we have records from referring physicians or therapists before your appointment date.

Low Vision Rehab Patients

  • Bring your recent glasses prescriptions and any magnification devices you are currently using.
  • Plan for your visit to last up to two hours. If possible, please have a spouse, relative, or friend accompany you to your appointment. It’s great to have a second set of ears during your evaluation.
  • Your evaluation will include a clinical low vision exam with Dr. Metzger followed by an evaluation with a Certified Low Vision Therapist.