Off Site Follow Up

Off-Site Follow Up Visits: Vision Strategies for Home, Workplace, and Community

Our unique follow up services are an extension of our in-office vision performance care. Off-site visits are for low vision and neuro-optometry patients. Our tailored approach to each patient's individual needs confronts the daily obstacles encountered on the path to restore visual independence. We create a comprehensive list of recommendations that are significant to daily independence and personal success. These services can be provided within your home, workplace, or out in the community.

Off-site Vision Strategy Services

  • Teach New Skills: Techniques such as eccentric viewing, visual tracking, and visual scanning can help people learn to use their good vision more effectively. Patients can also benefit from training with new tools such as specialized glasses, devices, and lighting.
  • Workplace Modifications: Identifying and making changes in the workplace can improve efficiency and help continue to achieve career goals.
  • Modify Tasks or Environment: Organizing work or home spaces, recommending lighting that will be most effective for a particular area and activity, pointing out potential hazards and offering solutions, and showing ways to do something in a different way enhances productivity and promotes safety.
  • Promote a Visually Rewarding Lifestyle: A comprehensive approach helps ensure that patients are able to participate in the activities they want and need to do, from daily, routine activities to recreational and leisure activities, or managing career-related duties.

Who is a Candidate?

When vision changes occur, work, daily tasks around the house, or going out into the community can become challenging. Off-site follow up care is appropriate for patients who experience:

  • Vision loss or changes
  • Double vision
  • Balance and mobility issues
  • Stroke or other neurological diseases
  • Post traumatic vision syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion

Our mission is to help you maintain independence, return to work, or get back to doing the things you enjoy. We can help you:

  • Use technology more comfortably and effectively
  • Read fine print
  • Use appliances and equipment
  • Navigate steps or curbs
  • Improve productivity at work or home
  • Lessen daily frustration and
  • Restore independence and confidence.

Off-site care may be scheduled after a patient is seen in our office by Dr. Metzger. Follow up services are provided by Terri Haynes, OTR/L, Certified Low Vision Therapist. Dr. Metzger does not provide off-site care. Disclaimer: Not all patients are eligible for care based on individual needs and/or distance from our office. We accept workers comp cases.

Our specially trained staff works with caregivers, family members, and case workers to create the most successful outcomes for each patient.

When we spend time with a patient in their home or workplace, we design and implement a vision strategy that is customized to meet individual goals.