Low Vision Glasses & Devices

When “regular” glasses or contacts can no longer help, it’s time to consider low vision glasses, devices and aids for daily living. These come in a wide array of strengths and designs. They range from special prescriptions and hand-held magnifiers to telescopes and electronic devices. Sometimes, different devices are needed for different visual tasks. Our practice dispenses these unique items to patients after a low vision evaluation.

The use of a special glasses prescriptions, low vision telescopes, magnifiers and visual aids is dependent on the type of vision loss, degree of loss, light and glare needs, ability to handle and operate the aid plus many other factors.

  • Custom, prescription low vision glasses and lenses
  • Spectacle-mounted telescopes
  • Hand-held telescopes
  • Hand-held and stand magnifiers
  • Video magnification and CCTVs
  • Hand-held video magnification

In addition, there are numerous other products to assist those with a vision impairment called daily living aids, such as no-bleed bold pens, writing templates, bump dots, colored filters, large-number phones and clocks, large-type books, magazines, and newspapers, books-on-tape, talking watches, self-threading needles, and more aids to daily living. Many websites and stores sell a variety of magnifying devices and low vision aids, but without a prescription or training with a certified low vision therapist, you may not experience the optimal benefit from a device. You also may not be able to return or exchange a device. A few of the low vision brands we offer:

  • Besser and Eschenbach Magnifiers
  • Designs For Vision Custom Bioptic Devices
  • Selsi Optics
  • FitOvers Colored Filter Glasses
  • NOIR Medical Technologies Colored Filters & Sunglasses
  • Freedom Scientific Video Magnification
  • Enhanced Vision Digital Magnifiers and CCTVs