Trouble seeing cell phone and computer keys

I was struggling with my cell phone and making lots of misdials. Terri helped me mark my phone to see and more easily make calls.

Computer work was also cumbersome. The colors and text were impossible to see well. I got a free trail of Zoom Text software and found it very helpful so I now use that at work and home.

My biggest challenge was seeing curbs, steps and “uneven” surfaces. I would feel very nervous going out to new places because I was afraid of tripping and falling. Terri helped me find the right shade of colored filters that I can wear over my glasses. I might even get a pair of sunglasses with the same color since wearing them makes everything sharper and easier to see.

There were a few more things Terri helped me with. I wanted to see things in my kitchen easier because I really like to cook. She helped me organize and label bottles and seasonings and put them in a better place to see them.