My Concussion Recovery Story

At first, I have heard about concussions, but I did not know how serious they were. All I knew at the time was that I needed to put my Fantasy Football player in the bench for a couple of weeks. When the chair that was sitting in collapsed and hit the back of my neck in the table behind me, I started to see everything blurry and having a constant headache.

When I first arrived with Dr. Metzger, I had started to see well. He did several tests and he found out that my left eye was simply not working with the right eye, in addition to being blurry all the time. My right eye was working overtime trying to compensate. It was not possible for me to converge, and there were only a specific distance when I was able to diverge. He made some prescription glasses that helped reduced the stress placed in my right eye, while I started vision therapy with Jean.

It was so hard for me at the beginning as almost all exercises made me dizzy or nauseous. It took about 3 sessions before my left eye started cooperating and allowed me to start diverging at different distances. Convergence was still an issue. However, every time I did my homework, I noticed that the exercises were becoming easier and easier, the dizziness went down significantly, and the pressure in my right eye went down.

It was until session 6 that the blurriness went away with my left eye starting to see clearly. After my review with the Dr. Metzger, my prescription changed as my eyes got better. Little by little, I was able to converge and diverge with no dizziness.

While frustration was high at the beginning, it was reassuring the progress that I was making, as it was very noticeable the improvements during the therapies and homework. Jean was amazing in being patient with me and guiding me through the exercises, explaining why they were for and how they were going to help me.

I really encourage everyone that has vision issues to trust in Dr. Metzger, Jean, and their staff. They know what they are doing. All you have to do is persevere and do your part for a prompt recovery.