I feel like my life has been restored

Eight years ago I had a brain tumor removed, but just over six months ago my doctor found regrowth that was impacting my optic nerve. The regrowth gave me some permanent vision loss that was affecting my ability to work, drive and do pretty much everything.
My neurologist sent me to Dr. Metzger for help. After an exam, I got new glasses to help me read again. Terri helped me at my job to figure out how to make visual tasks easier. I spent several weeks working with her to improve my vision doing scanning and tracking activities. It also helped my eye-hand coordination and balance.
They referred me to a driving rehab program. That along with a new pair of glasses just for seeing distance got me back to being able to drive to work, pick up my kids from school and get where I needed to go.
I’m finally back to work full time, and I’m now comfortable driving again. Without therapy and new glasses, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life and family, again.