Very smart student, but Mom was concerned about “dyslexia”

Our daughter, Gabby, has always been a high achieving student and clearly very intelligent. At her yearly eye doctor appointment before 6th grade the eye doctor suggested vision therapy. She was having some double vision that the eye doctor felt could be helped by vision therapy. They referred us to Dr. Metzger at the KCVPC.

Gabby was skeptical about such therapy. As her mother I too suffer from double vision and some of her other symptoms so it was important to see if vision therapy could help her. Over the course of 25 weeks she made great advances. She is a much more accurate and confident reader now. She is more aware of her vision and surrounding. She did not have any problems in school before vision therapy but school has become even easier since she started vision therapy.

The staff has been wonderfully encouraging and helpful. They are very patient and dedicated to maximizing each person’s vision. We are grateful that they were so good with Gabby. Even after graduating from vision therapy there will be exercises she can continue to do on her own. It is great that she is not empowered to keep improving her own vision. She has the tools she needs to have the best vision she can possibly have. Thank you KCVPC.

Carolyn (Gabby’s mom)