Hated school

This is not so much my story; it is my son’s story. Once upon a time, there was a 10 year old, named Jack, who could barely read. His teachers and other school staff did not believe he had any problems with reading. They thought he was an easily distracted child that could do work when he wanted to. His teachers would embarrass him in front of the class for not being able to complete assignments on time. His classmates made fun of him. He was not able to keep up in his classes. He had no friends. He hated school. He did not like sports. He hated to read and could barely get through a picture book with a few words. He spend almost every waking hour when he was not in school doing homework or completing work that he was not able to finish at school. He was a very defeated child, no happiness, no enthusiasm. He picked on his siblings, lashed out at his parents.

This boy no longer exists.

The child he used to be is so foreign, it is almost as if the past was just a horrible nightmare and now we are finally awake. He is reading on grade level, above the reading speed for his age. He is taking Honors Math and Honors Science and doing well. He loves school. He spends many hours outside of school reading for fun. He can easily fly through a 300+ page book in a couple of days. His teachers say he is a hard worker. He has friends and is involved in clubs and groups at school. He wants to try every sport. So far he has tried softball (and even been able to get some hits – some that never happened before). And flag football. He is a cheerful and cooperative child. He gets along well with his family.

Vision therapy changed our son’s life and future in 20 weeks. It was not always easy, but he worked hard. It was expensive, but worth every penny. Every child deserved the chance to reach his or her potential. Vision therapy has given our son that chance.