Low Vision In-Home Visits

In-Home-Low-Vision-Safety-EvaluationWhen vision changes occur, daily chores around the house can become challenging and unsafe. Having the ability to see stairs, appliance dials and locate objects more easily can lessen daily frustration and prolong independent, safe living at home.

  • A home vision safety evaluation is appropriate for patients who experience:
  • Vision loss
  • Double vision
  • Balance and mobility issues
  • Stroke
  • Post traumatic vision syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion

During a home vision safety evaluation, our Certified Low Vision Specialist, Terri Haynes, will review the home’s interior and exterior for safety and functionality including:

  • Floor surfaces
  • Stairs
  • Appliance accessibility
  • Lighting
  • Bathroom safety
  • Kitchen and laundry safety
  • Entrance and exit safety
After the evaluation, Terri will provide a list of recommendations for modifications that will increase the visual safety and function of the home. Most modifications are cost effective and easy to implement. If you do not have the ability to make modifications or have a caregiver to help, she will assist and help in locating resources as necessary.