Who We Serve

At Kansas City Vision Performance Center, we treat patients of all ages experiencing vision difficulties. We are not your typical eye care provider. We do not see patients for routine eye exams, prescriptions, or surgery. Dr. Metzger provides functional vision exams and treatment for all ages, from infants to 101 years of age.

We are the only clinic in Kansas and Missouri dedicated to the full spectrum of visual performance including vision therapy, developmental optometry, low vision rehabilitation, and neuro-optometry.

We understand that living with vision complications can be a frustrating, even scary experience. Our dedication to each patient, coupled with personalized therapy programs, allows us the opportunity to help many patients who may have previously been told there was nothing that they could do about their vision problem.
  • We work with children and young adults who are struggling in school because their vision skills are not fully developed for their age. Many of these students have been mislabeled and may have even been to several eye doctors before they arrive at our office.
  • We work with adults whose vision is not satisfactory, with regular glasses or contacts, for their work, driving or even hobbies.
  • We help children and adults whose vision has been impacted by eye disease, vision loss and changes. For most of these patients, reading and driving have become impossible tasks and “regular” glasses are no longer enough.
  • We treat patients who have experienced a serious illness, accident or injury and are left with vision loss, changes or balance and mobility issues.