Poor eye tracking, handwriting, and spatial awareness

We brought Carter for vision therapy after an OT did a screening on him that showed he would likely benefit. In Dr. Metzger’s evaluation, we learned Carter had double vision ALL the time. He was struggling with spelling and handwriting at school, as well as reading. Shortly after beginning weekly therapy sessions with Mrs. Jean, Carter’s self-esteem improved quite a bit, he was smiling more and was more confident every day. Nightly homework became much easier and no longer resulted in tears. His spelling grade went from a D to and A!!! And he only studied for 5-10 minutes instead of an hour!! He enjoys reading more than before, and he will read for pleasure now. He says all of seeing is much easier and improved for him, as well as reading and writing. We are so thankful for Dr. Metzger, Mrs. Jean, and their highly skilled team! The results have been dramatic in a short time! The benefits will last a lifetime!!! It has been a rewarding experience that was worth our time and money. We highly recommend KC Vision Performance Center!!