Recovering from two concussions

I had suffered two concussions at work within a six month span. After the second concussion, I began to feel anxious and hopeless. My vision was blurry, I’d see double, I would experience cognitive exhaustion after simple tasks such as washing dished or going to the store. I was on track to go to paramedic school, and new that was in jeopardy. I was ready to give up. I suffered from insomnia. A year later, with help from the Concussion Clinic at KUMC, vestibular therapy along with my vision therapy from Pat, I feel like a normal person again. I can sleep normally, and be a father and husband of the year candidate! Thanks to the exercises Pat had me working on, along with check ups from Dr. Metzger, we were able to help my reading improve, clear my vision, and restore my equilibrium and balance. I’m on track to begin paramedic school in a month, and with expectations to be a the top of my class. Thank you so much Pat and Dr. Metzger!