Trouble with balance and mobility after TBI

Andrew suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while at work last summer and shortly after, began an intense program of occupational therapy at Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital. Though he was making great strides in his recovery, Andrew’s occupational therapists noticed he was experiencing balance and mobility issues. It was hard for him to walk in a straight line and his depth perception was impaired.

Through Dr. Metzger’s partnership with Meadowbrook, Andrew’s vision was assessed through a neuro-optometric evaluation. Though Andrew never previously experienced any vision problems, like many people who have suffered a TBI, it was discovered he was left with severe double vision which was having an effect on his balance, posture and position sense.

Andrew was prescribed prism lenses and a developed program of neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy. Through his one-on-one work with Dr. Metzger, Andrew was able to retrain his eyes and coordinate his visual functions with the rest of his body.

Because Andrew was able to receive occupational therapy in conjunction with neuro-optometric rehabilitation, he completed his program at Meadowbrook much sooner than expected. Since returning home Andrew has been able to enjoy everyday activities and hobbies as he did before his injury.

“Dr. Metzger is a great doctor, I like the way he works. He prescribed me a pair prism lenses and I could see again. Having somebody be able to come in, understand you and get you set back up to see again, I’d recommend that for anybody who had a TBI. It was great.”- Andrew