Therapists & Staff

Terri Haynes, OTR/L, CLVT
Occupational Therapist & Certified Low Vision Therapist

Terri-Haynes-Certified-Low-Vision-TherapistTerri works with Low Vision and Neuro-Optometry patients.

In her early career as an occupational therapist, Terri gained wonderful experiences working with patients on mental health and rehabilitation units. She has also headed a pain management team. Most recently, Terri worked in the Ottawa School District to help students meet their Occupational Therapy goals.

“I have always enjoyed working with people and find it very rewarding to help people maximize their independence and safety. I took a few years off to raise two terrific sons. When I returned to work, I decided to explore a long time interest and passion – low vision rehabilitation. There is a growing number of individuals with visual impairments, and I felt very confident that I could have a strong impact on their lives. I am fortunate to have met Dr. Metzger and his family. We not only share the same passion and commitment for helping individuals that are visually impaired, but we also make a great team.”

Kristen Marquis
Vision Therapist

Kristen-Marquis-Vision-TherapistKristen works with school aged children, with a specialty in Pre-K.

Before joining Kansas City Vision Performance Center, Kristen Marquis worked as an occupational therapy assistant for 11 years in metro area school districts. Her love of working with children lead her to seek options for students she knew where having vision problems in the classroom. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the KCVPC therapist team. She attended specialized vision therapy education seminars and also trained under Dr. Metzger for a year to become a vision therapist. Kristen brings a high level of energy, passion for research and depth of professional resources for children with special needs to our office.

“I feel that each child I work with teaches me more than I teach them. For example, when I was helping a child struggling with fine motor and handwriting skills, I began to research other options and discovered information on visual learning difficulties. I was very interested in the field, especially when I learned that 30 to 40% of children with learning difficulties have visual skills or processing challenges. As soon as I found Dr. Metzger I knew right away I wanted to become a member of his team.”

Jean Metzger
Head Vision Therapist

Jean-Metzger-Vision-TherapistJean works with Vision Therapy patients, particularly Elementary & Middle School children.

Jean started her career with children as a second grade teacher. She then raised two children and now grandmothers three (wonderful!) little ones. In 2000, she and Dr. Metzger attended a seminar series presented by the Baltimore Academy of Behavioral Optometry (now called the Optometric Extension Program) which rekindled her love of teaching and led to her position as chief vision therapist of the practice. Since then she has extended her education through the seminars of Dr. Robert Sanet, the former COVD president.

“We dearly want each child or adult to succeed in whatever they need to do,” says Jean. “We know that vision is much bigger than seeing and glasses. Vision is also processing what we see and directing our responses. The brain is so wonderfully teachable that we find many ‘problems’ of learning and life improve or disappear because vision therapy writes new brain ‘software’ so to speak. We sort of took the word ‘retirement’ out of our dictionary after we started concentrating on vision therapy. This is too rewarding to retire.”

Pat Recker
Vision Therapist

Pat-Recker-Vision-TherapistPat works with Vision Therapy patients, particularly High School students and adults.

As a young high school math and science teacher, Pat had a great deal of empathy for students who struggled in class. After teaching for three years, she had the good fortune to meet a developmental optometrist, Dr. B.W. Scott in Independence, IA, who introduced her to a comprehensive view of vision and trained her as a vision therapist. In working with the patients (mostly students) and in personally going through the therapy program herself, she saw firsthand how improved vision skills enrich lives in a very profound way. More efficient vision skills (focusing, eye movement, eye teaming, visualization) led to better performance in the classroom and more self confidence and self esteem.

Before joining Dr. Metzger’s practice in the fall of 2010, she was a vision therapist in at a practice in Olathe for six years where she received more in-office training and attended regional and national seminars. During that time she was active in Parents Active For Vision Education, a grassroots organization of parents/professionals whose mission is to educate the public about developmental vision and the benefits of vision therapy.

“I am delighted to be part of Dr. Metzger’s practice. I feel so fortunate to be involved in a profession that makes such a difference in people’s lives — for many, vision therapy is a life changing experience. It is a privilege to “coach” a patient as they make the journey of developing more efficient vision skills, and it is a joy to share in their improvements and successes.”

Jana Walker
Physician & Patient Relations Manager

Jana-Walker-Physician-Relations-ManagerJana Walker is our office “sheriff” and brings order to everything we do! We’re lucky she joined our work family in October of 2013. She is the point person who works with patients to answer questions, explain policies, and shape expectations for patient care in our office. Her persistence, enthusiasm, and organizational skills keep our new and currently referring professionals in touch with our office. She reaches out to the community of professionals in the metro area and beyond and educates them about our special area of vision care and how we can work together as a professional team to maximize patient outcomes.

Jana is originally from Oklahoma and has made Kansas her home since 1998. She is married with two kids and enjoys spending her spare time with family and friends. Jana enjoys going to the gym and volunteering at local homeless shelters with her church group.

Jen Isbell
Practice Manager

Jen Isbell joined the KCVPC team in 2012. She is the glue that keeps both patients and staff on the right track. Originally from New Hampshire, she has been a Mid Westerner for several years, now. Jen and her husband Dan have been have been married for thirteen years, and they are the proud parents of two very energetic boys who keep them very busy! In her spare time, Jen loves to cook, travel, compete with her husband in BBQ competitions, and spend time with family and friends.

“I love working here with Dr. Metzger and the rest of the team. I feel blessed to be a part of something that changes so many lives in such a positive way. In addition to my job here, I also serve on several volunteer committees at my boys’ school. I look forward to meeting and getting to know your family and helping you on your Low Vision or Vision Therapy journey!”

Caroline Metzger, Founder & Worker-At-Large

With a background in graphics, marketing, web development and entrepreneurship, Caroline asked her dad to open a specialty-focused office in Kansas City in 2004. After a year of planning, the office opened in 2005 and has steadily grown ever since. She is proud to hold the titles of: Daughter, Accountant, Marketing/PR Department, Chief Trouble Shooter,Web Site Developer, Graphics Department, and Level 1 Tech Support.