Our Office

kansas-city-vision-performance-center-office-corporate-woods-overland-park-ksKCVPC is a family owned practice dedicated to providing an advanced level of performance-based vision care for patients of all ages. Dr. John C. Metzger and his team of therapists focus on your visual abilities through individualized diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative exams, therapy, specialized glasses, and devices.

We work with your referring physician to achieve the best outcome for your visual needs. Because our main focus is to provide you with specialized functional vision care, low vision rehabilitation, and neuro-optometry, we do not practice general care optometry (eye health evaluations, glasses, contact lens fitting).

We provide evaluation and treatment for vision performance needs associated with:

  • Reading and learning problems
  • Labels such as AD(H)D, Dyslexia, Learning disabilities
  • Developmental delays (such as autism and sensory integration)
  • Vision loss and changes from eye disease, accidents and/or strokes
  • Post trauma symptoms (such as brain injury)
  • Concussion
  • Balance and mobility disorders
  • Poor sports performance