Words run together and letters “jump around”

In Kindergarten, Brax did great with his sight words. But then when it came time to start reading sentences, he would get very upset, frustrated, and could not sit still. After about a week of struggling, he exclaimed “The words won’t sit still on the page!!!” I immediately took him to a family optometrist. They quickly diagnosed him with ocular motor dysfunction after a few tests and referred us to Dr. Metzger. We began our 40 weeks of vision therapy the July after Kindergarten. It was a bit of a struggle to get him to do the homework at first because it was difficult for him. I had no idea how bad is eye function was! But we stuck with it and started seeing results soon. By the time he entered 1st grade, he had already improved his reading and writing. We are now just a few weeks from finishing treatment, and he just completed 1st grade. He got excellent grades and is right on track with everything. He no longer gets frustrated when reading and he actually enjoys it. He has also been enjoying sports more – his coordination is markedly improved. Vision therapy changed his life and set him up for success in the future. It was absolutely worth every dollar and minute spent! We LOVE Kristen!!! (heart icon)