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Why choose Kansas City Vision Performance Center?

Why-Choose-Dr-MetzgerAfter practicing family optometry in Hiawatha, Kansas for 30 years, Dr. Metzger, his wife and daughter had an idea – to open a different kind of eye care practice that would help patients with vision performance needs.

KCVPC opened in 2005 and is the still the only vision center in the Kansas City area focused solely on the full spectrum of functional optometry — vision therapy, neuro-optometry,and low vision rehabilitation.

Most eye care consumers expect to leave the optometrist's office with glasses, contacts, or eye drops. That patient is rare in our practice. We let your family optometrist or ophthalmologist take care of those important needs.

At Kansas City Vision Performance Center, we spend extensive time discussing your needs and achieving your goals whenever vision is an obstacle to enjoying your life as a result of development, disease, or trauma. When a visual barrier is affecting performance, we're here to help.


Brain Injury Association of Kansas & Greater KC

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association

Optometric Extension Program Foundation

Kansas Optometric Association

American Optometric Association